Oct 1, 2010

1st October 2010 | President's Blog

Time and time again I hear the same issues that American manufacturers are having and sometimes I simply want them to turn off the CNN and Fox News of this world, pull up their socks and remember what made this country great. It wasn’t by listening to media tell us all that we can no longer manufacturer efficiently or that all our jobs are going overseas. We need to look in the mirror and remember that we can make things, and get out and make them. I will never forget the line from the movie, Pretty Women where Julia Roberts turns to Richard Gere and says “but you don’t make anything”… And she was right, he made his money breaking up companies and selling the pieces. The point is, we need to make things.. anything just start the machines back up and starting manufacturing. We have seen our automotive go to Mexico, but slowly it is returning as the quality in the US is far superior. But what we need to learn and take away from the last few years, we need to work smarter and take care of clients, employees and the environment make then we did in the past. We can’t make the same mistakes again, and if we simply think out of the box, wind our sleeves up things will be churning again in no time.

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    That’s not just logic. That’s raelly sensible.

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