Oct 20, 2010

20th October 2010 | President's Blog

It dawned on me today as I had the honor of walking through one of our customer’s shops that I get to see it happen. A day doesn’t go by when I don’t get to say “wow you’re the ones who make that”.. It is amazing to see the small elements of manufacturers and knowing that this component is going into that component and eventually the products that you and I buy are produced. Constantly things are being improved and you and I as consumers sometime just take it for granted. Let’s see, we can fly from New York to Singapore directly now in around 18 hours. This is a recent phenomena that comes from the continual engineering that goes into the materials used to produce aerospace parts. The lighter the parts, the longer the flight and the benefit to you and I.. More direct flights. So next time you jump on a plane think about the hundreds of American engineers who worked constantly together to improve each and every parts on that plane. The results, you will get back and forth faster and safer than ever before.

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    Always a good job right here. Keep rolling on trhoguh.

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