September 26, 2011

26th September 2011 | President's Blog

So I was at a barbecue the other day, making idle chit chat and explaining what I did to some people. I quickly looked around me. As manufacturing ERP software doesn’t always ring a bell, I always try to grab something that has been manufactured and show them how this magical object didn’t just randomly appear at your neighborhood Walmart. It still fascinates me to think of the brains and effort that go into the things we buy. We often forget to think of how things appear on our shelves and instead expect that they are always readily available.

People forget that many hands went into the design and engineering of a product. It starts with the hands on collection of the raw materials. Design and engineering teams create a manufacturing system to machine, stamp, and mold this material into products we can use.

A whole other world is in charge of assembly and distribution. People often forget this. And contrary to popular belief, we’re still manufacturing here in the USA. We’re pretty good at it too! When you hop in your car, turn on your barbeque or your stove; think about what you’re using. Sure, maybe we didn’t make that Barbie you just bought. American manufacturing is all about quality and workmanship. Next time you step onto an airplane, or your car, think about where those parts came from…

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