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At COSS Systems, our ERP solutions trace exactly where waste and inefficiencies are hurting profits in small to mid-sized manufacturing operations. Waste from having too little information and automation, as well as spending too much time on non-productive operations that hurt your shop. With COSS comes decades of experience in manufacturing software implementation in job and machine shops across North America.

Our skills, expertise and experience in manufacturing solutions, implementation, support and training will make your manufacturing processes more efficient and more profitable.

Our manufacturing software, COSSERP along with our ERP services, provides true value to your manufacturing operations. COSS takes great pride in its:

Customer Service: Time and time again, COSS customers tell us that improved customer service is the key benefit. COSSmanufacturing management software enables our clients to focus on the customer, resulting in the increased likelihood of new orders, a decrease in time allocated to manage problems, improved referrals and references, and the willingness to pay premium prices.

Increased Productivity: Effective job scheduling can save anywhere from 10% to over 25% of manufacturing time by integrating functions such as Quoting, Sales Order Generation, Bill of Material Preparation and Work Order Production, eliminating time, errors, and lost information. COSS‘ best practices have been developed and refined by years of customer input and can guide your manufacturing efforts, saving time and money.

Cost Savings: Minimizing production costs and increasing customer satisfaction is our goal. For some, it is a matter of survival, while for others it is important to maximize margins. Whatever the reason, the comprehensive job costing capabilities within COSSERP help identify, monitor and reduce costs. Understanding your cost structure will help you maximize your quoting practices, work scheduling, inventory control and job tracking processes.

Enhanced Decision-Making Capabilities: Nothing is more frustrating than not having the information you require to make critical decisions. COSS understands this, and our ERP manufacturing software is built with extensive data collection and reporting modules to collect and easily present the information.